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Travertine Tile

Travertine tiles are an excellent product for residential and commercial use and has become an increasingly popular choice for flooring tile because not only does travertine floor tiles provide a very rugged flooring option, travertine tile and decorative wall tiles require very little maintenance.

Travertine tile is one of the most frequently used stones for residential and office flooring projects but can also be used as facade material and wall cladding. Because travertine tile is a completely natural stone, no two pieces are exactly alike which will create a very diverse pattern.

Give your space a comfortable and natural look with Travertine tile that is unique and will provide timeless beauty while accommodating heavy traffic. In addition, adding a travertine tile floor will very likely increase the value of your home.

Brushed Travertine Tile
Brushed Travertine Tile
$4.19 to $5.27 psf
Travertine Tile - Golden Sun
Golden Sun Travertine Tile
$5.94 to $6.54 psf
Premium Travertine Tile
Light Noce Travertine Tile
$4.43 to $5.03 psf

We highly encourage you to order travertine tile samples prior to purchase.

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