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Client Testimonial

To Mr. Bruce J. DeBolt, CEO
Carlsbad, California

Dear Mr. DeBolt;

After thirty years in the high-end building trade as an Architectural Designer, Licensed Construction Supervisor, and NCIDQ Certified Interior Designer, I burned out and retired.

I want to commend your wonderful treatise on the ins and outs of the consumer stone market. It was a very well-written and straightforward way to educate people on the pitfalls of trying to beat a difficult system. It is amazing how true your portion of the story is to the rest of the industry. I wish I had had a copy of it with me as I sat with dubious clients. They had an awful hard time believing that I was actually saving them an enormous amount of aggravation - and hard-earned money - with my contacts and resources and my expertise.

My congratulations on an issue well-described and thoughtfully presented. I read every word. I hope it brings you business (and I realize that was the purpose after all) but it certainly should be first considered a service to the gullible public.


B. W.
Happily Retired

Previously - Professional member ASID, NCIDQ Certified, Architectural Designer, Licensed Construction Supervisor. And, yes, I often specified marble and stone and supervised their installation.

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