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Slate Roof Tile

Using slate roof tile will be one of the wisest decisions you make because a slate roof is one of the most aesthetically pleasing and durable of all roofing materials. It is dramatically formed by nature and transforms your building or home into a showcase. Installed properly, slate roofs require relatively little maintenance and will last 40 to 75 years or longer depending on the type of slate employed, roof configuration, and the geographical location of the property. Slate roof is a natural product and no two pieces are exactly alike so it has a naturally rich design.

Slate has been used to create distinctive roofs which stand up well to hardy weather conditions. Roof slate is the perfect combination of beauty and practicality. Installing a slate roof is straightforward using Marblemaster's standardized tiles (no need to sort and match for compatible dimensions) complete with pre-drilled, countersunk nail holes for longest slate roof life. Each roof slate tile has pre-drilled nail holes and all of our slate roof tiles are BS680 Compliant.

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Slate Roofing

Roof Tile

We highly encourage you to order slate tile samples prior to purchase.

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