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Slate Roof Tile and Slate Tile Building Materials

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Slate is a fine grained, crystalline rock derived from sediments of clay and fine silt. Intense heat and pressure changes the original clay into new minerals such as mica, chlorite, and quartz. These natural processes transform the clay into slate. Slates vary in composition, structure, and durability because the alteration of the minerals is inconsistent. The natural process of slate formation has given it certain properties that make it an excellent choice as a roofing or flooring product.slate roof

Slate roof tile is still manufactured by hand using traditional methods. Large, irregular blocks are cut into sections slightly longer than the length of the finished slate roof. They are split along their cleavage planes to the desired shingle thickness. The tile is then trimmed to the desired size and then two nail holes are punched toward the top of the slate tile.

Slate tile flooring offers the combination of durability and subtle textures that will enrich almost any room in your house. It is stain-resistant and when compared with other types of flooring, it will stand up to almost any kind of abuse. There is little to no maintenance required to care for your slate tile flooring and installation is not much different than any other type of tile.

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