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Delivery Techniques To Reduce Shipping Costs

Unloading: All buyers should be aware that under common carrier UCC tariff rules the buyer of the goods are responsible to unload them from the truck unless supplemental delivery services are ordered such as lift gate service. Often time this is not feasible due to the weight of each pallet and therefore a forklift must be present at the time of delivery. Forklifts are available for rental on a daily basis from most reputable equipment rental service for about $100 - $125 per day. This usually is the desired method of handling the pallets.

Hold At Terminal option: If you are only purchasing a small amount of tile or stone, renting a forklift can start to become cost prohibitive. Under these circumstances you may want to have the shipment "Held at the terminal". In other words, the trucking company will haul the goods to the nearest freight terminal in their system. This covers virtually all-major and medium sized communities. Once there, you or your installer can go to the terminal warehouse in a suitable pickup or other small truck where it will be loaded onto your truck by forklift. Once at your destination it can be unloaded by hand. Usually there are 150 - 170 tiles per crate of 16 or 18-inch tile.

Business Address: All buyers should be aware that it is FAR less expensive to ship to a business address as opposed to a residence. Many times the difference is nearly 100 per cent even though the location may be right next door. So whenever possible when not using the "Hold at Terminal" delivery specify a business address to have your materials delivered to.

Delivery By Truck: Typically the least expensive way to ship stone products throughout the continental United States is by common carrier truck. To obtain shipping charges from a common freight carrier like Yellow Freight, Continental Freightways, Sterling, Roadway Express and others there are several things you will need to provide a potential shipper to obtain a rate quote:

1. Weight: 12 x 12 granite tile weighs 6.5 pounds per square foot. Multiply the total number of square feet you require by 6.5 to determine the approximate shipping weight. Granite slab 2cm thick weighs 12.5 lbs. and 3cm slab weighs 20 lbs. per square foot.

2. The origination zip code for the shipment is (This is the point at which your shipment will begin):

  • 92009 for San Diego
  • 77079 for Houston
  • 23323 for Norfolk, Virginia
  • 98031 for Seattle
  • 33178 for Miami

3. Destination Zip code is the zip code at which you want the product delivered.

4. Tile is shipped on pallets 40 inches by 40 inches up to 450 square feet per pallet except for slate which is 532 sq ft per pallet.

Household Carriers: In some instances it may be beneficial to contact household carriers such as Wheaton Van Lines, North American and others. Occasionally these carriers have excess space available and will accept shipments over 500 pounds if the transit time is not rushed.

Economy of Scale: The larger the quantity being shipped the more inexpensive it becomes per square foot. For example a single pallet of tile shipped from Houston to San Diego would run about $350....but six pallets of that same tile can be shipped for just $620 or just a little more than $100 per pallet.

Marblemaster Negotiated Rates: For large orders, we have negotiated special consolidated freight rates for orders larger than 4,000 square feet. To our docks in Chicago, New Orleans, St. Louis, and Memphis the shipping rate is $.29 (twenty nine cents) per square foot. For smaller orders Marblemaster has negotiated discount freight agreements for the benefit of our customers.

Specific Quotation: To get a specific quote for your order call us at 760-727-2323, or fax us at 760-727-2423, or email us at Marblemaster Dales. Please specify your destination zip code and the quantity of material you would like a shipping quote for in square feet of material needed.

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