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Granite Tiles - Natural Stone Floor Tiles

Granite tile flooring can add an elegance to your home or office that will blend with any decor. It is an affordable luxury that will provide you with a granite tile floor that is both elegant and resistant. If you want something that is easy to maintain and highly durable, granite tiles might be your best choice. We encourage you to call us to discuss your granite tile flooring needs. If you are interested in custom designs, Marblemaster now offers granite tiles with diamond inlays in a wide range of designs.

Granite Tiles and Granite Countertops - installation tips

Baltic Brown Granite Tile
Black Galaxy Granite Tile
Blue Pearl Granite Tile
Caledonia Granite Tile
Cambrian Black Granite Tile
Canadian Gold Granite Tile
Canadian Gold
Granite Tile

$5.80 to $6.99 psf
Dakota Mahogany Granite Tile
Emerald Pearl Granite Tile
Giallo St. Cecelia Granite Tile
Imperial White Granite Tile
Ivory Brown Granite Tile
Juparana Colombo Granite Tile
Kashmire Gold Granite Tile
Laurentian Green Granite Tile
Moss Green Granite Tile
Nero Pearl Black Granite Tile
Rose Quartz Granite Tile
Salt and Pepper Granite tile
Seaweed Green Granite Tile
Summas Sky Granite Tile
Sunshine Gold Granite Tile
Tan Brown Granite Tile
Verde Butterfly Granite Tile
Verde Labrador Ubatuba Granite Tile

We highly encourage you to order granite tile samples prior to purchase.

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